Facebook Locks Out Hundreds Of Users From Their Own Accounts Without Any Prior Warning

In what is being referred to as a shocking stance, many Facebook users are expressing their fury after being locked out from the platform for no reason.

Recent reports revealed how so many people were shocked to wake up to the news, especially considering the fact that no warning was given to them in advance.

Users revealed how they received a vague and extremely bizarre pop-up message that simply spoke about how their account had been disabled simply because it failed to follow their Community Standards. Moreover, the statement concluded with a one-liner regarding how the decision wouldn’t be reversed.

The platform’s parent company confirmed how it had received a number of complaints regarding the issue and for that reason, it was investigating the matter.

The company’s spokesperson Andy Stone rose up to the occasion to address the matter via Twitter where he reportedly revealed how they were well aware of the issue that some of their users were encountering at the moment. He also tried to calm them down by mentioning how they were doing their absolute best to resolve the issue within the shortest time frame.

However, no one is yet to confirm the exact number of Facebook users that may have been affected. Similarly, there is no confirmation regarding what the possible cause of the issue may be.

Jen Roberts who works as a Personal Relations consultant says she was beyond appalled to have her account suspended. While speaking to the media via a recent interview, she says she didn’t even post or comment on the platform for a while now. Yet, to find herself in this situation was definitely concerning and majorly upsetting for her.

She even says that not having access to her content that dates back to 15 years ago is definitely something that makes her sad. Similarly, she revealed how it was quite stressful to see how Facebook was handling the matter as no prior warning was issued.

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