Latest AdDuplex Survey Shows No Exponential Growth For Windows 11 As Windows 10 21H2 Takes The Lead

Despite facing a rapid increase during its initial phase, Windows 11 appears to be experiencing a halt in its growth during the month of March.

The statistics were recently published in the AdDuplex survey. But that’s not what should be highlighted as the new charts also showed how the usage of Windows 11 also remained the same when compared to the previous month.

But there isn’t all bad news as shocking findings proved how the 21H2 version of Windows 10 is now taking the lead as it experienced growth worth a mention and even became users’ preference for Windows this month.

This data was collected from nearly 5000 different applications that are making use of the AdDuplex SDK version 2 in terms of advertising, However, it should be noted that none of the recent results mentioned came with any sample size. But one thing is for sure, tech experts say at least 60,000 computers is a good estimate.

While it’s definitely not a huge sample size for sure, it certainly allows us to closely observe trending data in terms of the rise and fall of particular versions of Windows.

As previously mentioned, Windows 11 didn’t see too much growth, if any, this month as proved by the survey. And that takes into consideration nearly 19.4% of those who use Windows, as compared to a 0.01% increase since February.

The version did manage to cling on to the third position. But it’s definitely in no competition with Windows 10 21H2 which led the pack with growth surmounting to nearly 28.5% when compared to 21% seen last month.

In the second place, Windows 10 version 21H1 came a close second, which experienced a slight downfall of 1%.

But where did all of that growth for Windows 10 21H2 actually come from? Well, stats prove how we’ve got version 20H2 to thank because the latter will no longer be supported from May onwards.

Therefore, Microsoft will begin automatically updating all of those computers to ensure they remain in its support cycle. Experts believe there’s not too much to worry about because it’s just a minor update. However, you should surely consider updating soon to avoid missing those crucial fixes.

AdDuplex also shed light upon historic data that pertains to usage share. And that’s when Windows 11 was seen being flatlined completely.

Despite these statistics, one thing is for sure. Microsoft is working on speeding up the process of launching Windows 11 updates, thanks to all the positive feedback received. Hence, it isn’t some sort of bad update. Also, the company hopes to launch a series of new Windows 11 devices in the market soon. So stay tuned!

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