Meta Hints At Web Version Of Horizon Worlds After Facing Criticism For Cutting Sales In Its Virtual World

Just one day after Meta announced a striking decision to cut sales from its virtual world, the company has hinted at the possibility of a web version for Horizon Worlds.

Yesterday, Meta’s developers were skeptical about the mega 47.5% cut in sales that would indirectly affect developers too. But now that the web version of the platform could exist, the cut in sales would potentially go down further to a reasonable 25%.

And if that does come into effect, experts believe we could be seeing a rather low level when compared to other leading rivals such as Roblox.

CTO Andrew Bosworth wasn’t too keen on sharing too much information about how the web version would work or perhaps when users could expect to see a launch. Moreover, it still isn’t confirmed if we would see the VR environment or maybe a more toned-down approach.

On the other hand, the CTO did try and address so many people’s concerns about the Quest rates, while stating that it was a necessity to help define a unique ecosystem. He even delineated how exact the rate came into effect.

See, Meta will take a 30% revenue via the Quest Store, while another 25% would come from Horizon Worlds. But wait, there is a catch because these rates can only come into play if Quest had another platform to rely upon like the Play Store on Google or perhaps the App Store for Apple.

The news will reportedly offer some form of hope to a number of creators that were worried about half of their revenue against the Meta share. After all, you could simply purchase a digital item from the web version, keeping in mind the fact that the developer would gain a major chunk of profits. This is in comparison to the same amount coming from VR.

While the new update from the CTO may not still be too promising, Bosworth has opposed Apple’s accusations relating to hypocrisy by adding that the tech giant prefers profits at the expense of its own developers.

Critics believe that it’s true how Meta will definitely gain a share from both worlds, as compared to other leading tech firms who could manage to scoop up revenue from just one avenue.

Similarly, the news won’t go down too well with creative heads who plan on making the most revenue from digital sales, and ultimately increase prices to counterbalance the effect made by Meta’s approach.

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