YouTube Shorts Launches ‘Remix Feature’ That Adds Video Segments To New Shorts Content

YouTube Shorts has launched a brand new remix feature that allows creators to incorporate short segments of videos into new content.

The feature is said to be very similar in nature to Stitch from TikTok. Moreover, tech experts believe it is best looked upon as the expansion of the app’s remix functionality. In case you weren’t already aware, creators were always free to take audio samples from different video places and incorporate them into posts for Shorts.

With the new feature in place, users can expect to use different YouTube videos for their remixes with regard to default settings.

Meanwhile, the company shed light on how users who don’t wish to add any content from other areas must select the opt-out button seen in the YouTube Studio.

But remember, there is just one exception to the aforementioned rule. Any music video that contains copyrighted data from the platform’s audio partners can’t be used for remixes.

YouTube also outlined how content on the Shorts can’t be singled out for remixing. This is very different from TikTok which allows its users to stop others from taking samples out of their videos by altering the privacy settings.

But Shorts creators have limited options in terms of restrictions, where they’re allowed to delete their own original content to help put an end to audio taken from other Shorts. That would indirectly delete similar Shorts that sampled the content.

This is a very clear and detailed policy by YouTube that shows how invested it is in giving Shorts creators a platform or community to grow and potentially expand. However, let’s not forget how it’s also a little aggressive when it comes to involving all those making videos on the Platform.

If you’re wondering how to use the new feature, well, it’s not too technical. Simply click on Create and then Cut which are present in the ‘Remix’ feature. And then from there, you’re allowed to sample several video segments that are located in the YouTube Shorts video section and which can be used as one of your own.

So what does this mean for YouTube and how will it benefit the platform? Well, the answer is simple. This expansion means giving so many creators of Shorts access to billions of videos. Moreover, it is also said to give the platform a new competitive edge over Snapchat, Reels from Instagram, and even Spotlight. And remember, none of these apps have the popularity of video uploads that YouTube possesses.

Other than the fresh remix addition on Shorts, YouTube also announced today how it planned on giving creators greater access to its Shorts player on other devices. And that means you can now enjoy the feature through your mobile web, desktop, as well as tablet.

In just a couple of weeks, creators would see the Shorts symbol on their homepage, followed by a Shorts tab. And once they find their video of choice, they simply navigate it to the Shorts functionality while swiping in a vertical to view greater videos.

Last year during the summertime, YouTube announced how its Shorts fund was founded to give creators incentives to make more viewable and engaging short videos by the end of this year.

Therefore every month, creators who are eligible to get payments receive them from this particular fund.

As far as the pay scale is concerned, well, they can vary between $100 to around $10,000 and are usually related to the views generated and the degree of engagement received.

iOS users can expect to get access to the new remix feature on Shorts as early as today, while those using Android would expect to see the rollout in the near future.

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