Meta Takes 47.5% Cut On All Digital Assets Sold In Its Virtual Reality Game ‘Horizon Worlds’

Meta has revealed a striking cut of 47.5% on all of its digital assets being sold in the virtual reality game - Horizon Worlds.

For those who may not be aware, Horizon Worlds is the name given to the VR game, where users can create as well as discover the brilliance of the virtual world.

The parent firm of Facebook was quick to mention this via a public statement but while it may seem to be a huge benefit for the company itself, there are some major doubts entailing creators who may be the ones suffering the costs.

Horizon Worlds was reportedly launched last year where users were given VR headsets to delve into the future and sell all sorts of virtual items in the universe that they create. And one of the most popular examples amongst them all was the ‘Wendyverse’ where foodie fans could interact with one another.

One spokesperson for the company recently sat down with CNBC and revealed how Meta was willing to take the major cut from each transaction made. And common examples included fees for its hardware platform that were generated through the company’s Quest Store.

Meta’s Quest Store is a place used by the firm to sell apps as well as games that pertain to its VR headsets. Above that, Horizon Worlds revealed that it would be adding a surplus charge fee of 17.5%.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say how so many people feel skeptical about the decision, especially after watching the company CEO Zuckerberg slam Apple publicly for adding a 30% charge fee in the name of developers to apps sold in its App Store.

Meanwhile, the Vice President of Horizon did reveal how the market today is very competitive and the rate being offered stands in line with just that. And also how the company firmly believes in giving other platforms their due share.

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