Daily Average Mobile usage has reached new heights

As technology advances day by day, the number of mobile phone usage increases as well because many people use them daily for many things like entertainment, work, education etc. Sometimes this usage reaches great heights that baffle even the most amateur of people who have knowledge about mobiles.

According to a report from Data AI many mobile phone users have crossed the 4-hour mark which was once considered surprising by another hour. In the report Q1 2022 the mobile phone usage of consumers of different data service providers from 16 countries. While people in the smaller markets spend up to 4 hours per day, in the top 4 markets the daily usage reaches more than 5 hours.

Even though the rates of mobile usage have been increasing ever since app markets like Play Store and App Store have been launched, but there is hardly any doubt as to the claim that Covid-19 and the lockdowns that accompanied it have increased the amount of phone usage for many people due to boredom, Zoom meetings and work from home. While people were separated from their families in quarantine and social distancing protocols being set in place they turned to digital ways of interaction. That was also a key feature in this rise. In that report it was said that there has been an averaged 20% rise in smartphone usage since 2019.

In some few selective regions there has been a more intense rise as some countries including Singapore, Russia, Canada, Australia had huge mobile usage rises ranging from 30% to 35%. Singapore, Russia and Australia warranted rises of 35% and Canada alone had 30%.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, mobile usage has risen 25% but don’t let that fool you as Indonesia in 2021 surpassed the 3-hour daily usage and now is moving towards 6 right now. The country has probably the most mobile eager population that passed South Korea and Brazil by a humongous amount to be the reigning monarch of mobile usage. The average daily mobile usage of Indonesia is currently at 5.7 hours per day which may rise up to 6 in the latter three-quarters of this year.

The app economy, as of late, is a very stable industry which does not change much from one quarter to another and the apps at the top (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and WhatsApp Messenger) are not thinking of moving anytime soon contrary to the one below who are continuously changing. The most recent and significant change is that Snapchat came up a few slots and named itself the 5th most downloaded app.

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