iPhone 13 demands rises despite of the down fall in smartphone shipments

According to a new report by Canalys, shipments of smartphones have fallen by the rate of 11% globally since the market conditions were on roller-coaster rides and customer demand decreased during the initial time period of 2022.

Samsung dominated the smartphone market having a share of 24%, closely followed by Apple with 18% shares, leading Xiaomi with 13% because of the outstanding activity of the new series, the Redmi Note. Moreover, OPPO with their OnePlus secured fourth, after which Vivo secured the fifth position.

Regardless of the current ambiguity in the smartphone market, the leading manufacturers stimulated their sales by expanding their product portfolios for the upcoming days. Just like how Samsung updated its A series in order to remain demandable and serve as an easily accessible, pocket-friendly phone having mid-to-low range prices.

Apple maintained its position well because of its new third-generation series, iPhone 13, but the newly rolled out iPhone SE is a significant customer driver for the Apple Company. With a similar price range as its ancestral family, iPhone SE offers its customers an advanced chipset and refined battery life. Not only that, but this new iPhone also has an enabled 5G network which is highly demanded by the operator channels.

Moreover, the reports published by Canalys state that the worldwide cell phone market was restrained because of the unstable business environment in Q1.

As a result of the new COVID-19 variant, the market faced a sudden rise in COVID cases, however, because of less hospitalization and as vaccination was made compulsory, customer activity resumed soon after. Smartphone manufacturers and sellers faced high unpredictability and unstableness because of the war between Russia and Ukraine, shutting down the cities in China, and high inflation rates in China. Due to all this, there was generally very low customer demand.
Regardless of the discoveries that the new iPhone SE 3 has a low sales rate and less customer demand, Canalys has to say the contrary. A survey from US carriers discovered that the third generation iPhone SE 3 has comparatively less customer drive as compared to iPhone SE 2. In concluding their report, Canalyssends a message for smartphone manufacturers that “it is necessary for them to equip in order to actively and immediately counter the new challenges and risks.”

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