Apple ranked as third-best performing brand in the Annual MBLN Survey

MBLM is a well-known study for exploring the performance of brands and their emotional bonds with their customers. It carries out yearly research to see how the customers develop strong connections with the specific tech brands that they prefer. On Tuesday, MBLM’s Brand Intimacy Survey 2022 results were released, according to which Apple secured 3rd rank on the basis of their attachment and connection with their customers. Disney and Tesla are the leading brands securing 1st and 2nd ranks. Up till now, Apple was always known for securing top ranks in MBLN studies and it was also known as the leading technology brand among all millennials back in 2018.

As per the results of the MBLN research, the leading three brands – Apple, Tesla, and Disney – are among the top 10 brands with the best performance.

In a press conference, a managing partner at MBLN, Mario Natarelli announced that “We are excited to disclose the new Brand Intimacy study generation”. He further added that “Leveraging a large figure of data and AI requires another level of emotional science by the company and its performance. This new approach is effective enough to provide us with vast and current up-to-date insights. With the help of this, we can now evaluate the actual and realistic feelings of our customers.”

The scales of measurement of the MBLN 2022 study included over 600 global brands along with 14 billion (or more) words explored over the past year. Furthermore, the study for the year 2022 is going to be disclosed in three parts. The initial part consisted of the top ranks of the brands with the best performances – which was released on Tuesday – which will be followed by the examination of the industry insights through different categories. The last part, however, will examine the distinctive features and outlook of the tech company.

Moreover, the research aims to evaluate the ‘Brand Intimacy’ by analyzing customers’ emotional attachments to the specific brand. Along with that, it also evaluates the deepness and level of intensity with which the customers feel a connection and attachment with the brand. The degree of intimacy comes within three levels; sharing, bonding, and fusing, and each level has its own criteria. As per the results, Apple secured a high position and is ahead of all the other brands at these levels.

Apple secured the top rank in the ‘bonding’ stage which shows that their customers are loyal and close to the brand, also the understanding and communication among the brand and the customers is comparatively excellent that they have an influence on one another, because of which Apple also secured top position in the ‘sharing’ stage.

As per the brand intimacy 2022 rankings disclosed by MBLN, the technology brands that secured top 10 positions along with their scores are:

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