Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Beats Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max To Be Crowned The Fastest 5G Phone

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is now officially the fastest smartphone in the USA and Canada region as it recently beat out the Apple iPhone Pro Max when it comes to 5G speed test.

The groundbreaking results were recently announced by Ookla Speedtest and it’s safe to say that they backed up test results unveiled by plenty of other leading tech experts.

Samsung’s S22 Qualcomm X65 was proven to have a much more enhanced low-signal activity when compared to the previous year’s X60 modem. Interestingly, that is what Apple also makes use of for its range of iPhone 13.

Meanwhile, tech giant Apple announced its decision to carry out an upgrade to its X65 using the iPhone 14 by the end of this year.

The standout results by Ookla also managed to give so many of us another major surprise. And that’s how the Galaxy Z Fold3 ranks second with its 100.83Mbps which is a speed very similar to the Apple iPhone 13 range in the US.

Now that can only make sense because it makes use of X60, which is very similar to what both iPhone 13 and the Samsung Galaxy S21 do.

Ookla also highlighted how the chipset installed in Snapdragon 8 Gen1 that Samsung also uses in its S22 range proved to have a much better download speed during testing, in comparison to the iPhone’s X60 5G. To be more specific, there was a 17 Mbps difference between the two.

Ookla issued a reminder about how the results are solely restricted to the carriers located in the US and Canada and were straight out of the company’s Speedtest database. Here is where thousands of tests were conducted on a wide array of smartphones.

Keeping in mind the results, Ookla revealed how T-Mobile continued to lead the pack in terms of the fastest speed for 5G downloads during the first quarter of the year 2021. And that stood at 191.12 Mbps.

But wait, a recent launch by Verizon for its 5G C-band showed a really positive result that literally pushed up speeds from 78.52 all the way up to 107.25 Mbps.

In a distant third position, AT&T arrived in third place with 68.43 Mbps. But remember, the brand is yet to roll out any mid-band devices for 5G as of yet. And that’s probably because it hopes to save some of its huge moves for the upcoming year or even as early as the end of this year.

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