Insider Provides Insight Into Future Social Media Trends And Popularity In Relation To Gen Z

An Insider article reports interesting numbers on social media usage amongst the internet's current "it" generation: Gen Z.

Social media's an inescapable part of almost any and all social conventions nowadays. Is this for the better or for the worse? I leave such deliberations to much better minds than my own. Except where Meta is concerned, of course; I've never been a massive fan of corporate skills out to wreck free market opportunities by attempting to monopolise every niche possible. There's also all those Congressional hearings and user data mismanagement, but there's only so many accusations I can lay at the company's door. Gen Z has a very unique online presence, drawing from a much heavier emphasis on enjoying and creating short-form video content, and increasingly absurdist humor. To be fair, we millennials sort of introduced the latter to the internet, but leaning too much into that would make me come off as pretentious.

Gen Z is the generation of Stories and TikTok dances, and it really shows. Insider's data accumulation, which attempts to project popularity trends for social media from 2022 to 2025, reveals Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram being the most popular platforms amongst the younger generation.

While all three converge in terms of popularity around 2025, Facebook continues to trail just behind. Clearly, the platform is struggling to keep up with the times. However, worse yet are the likes of Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. While all platforms are ultimately expected to continue climbing in popularity, enjoying their specific niche audiences, Twitter's growth is projected to move at a glacial pace. I guess when it comes to social media, bird really isn't the word.

Yes, I know that reference is old, I'm sorry.

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