Instagram may soon roll out text formatting options just like Whatsapp for chatting

Instagram might be receiving options to manually optimize the look of your text by using bold, italic and underline options. This feature might be similar to Whatsapp’s chatting and text formatting options.

Although it’s surprising how we didn’t receive this feature sooner, Instagram has decided to acknowledge this feature and it’s worth it.

Simple texting is fine but formatting and organizing your text has its own joy. This isn’t a big feature at all but still a welcome one.

As per Alessandro Paluzzi, a lot of formats are expected to be available for use in the upcoming Instagram update. Mainly, bold, italic, underline, strike-through are the formatting options that are most likely to be added. That said, there are also speculations circling around that you’ll be able to combine the different options such as bold, italic and underlined could all be used at the same time. This is a great way to organize your messages for pointing out highlights and strikethrough information that’s not as relevant.

It’s still surprising to see this feature being added so late. That said, there’s not much else to say except that the users will have a better text formatting option to organize their messages around. Adding this feature will affect the overall personality of your text and make it easier to read and write about.

Although, you can go with just plain texting if that’s your choice and you’re too lazy to format the text messages. Irrespective of your choice, the feature will be added quite soon in the updates to come for Instagram.
Instagram might’ve taken the inspiration for this feature from Whatsapp as that’s mainly the chatting platform that comes under its parent company Meta. Other than that, the texting scene has also reached popularity in Instagram’s platform as a whole as people talk within direct messages and group chats. This is a great way to enhance that talking and texting experience. By adding these features, Instagram has made chatting a bit more fun. Whatsapp has been using this feature for a while now, and it’s great to see it coming to Instagram as well, nothing new about it though.
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