Around 16 percent of three to four years old are reported to use the video sharing platforms

According to research, TikTok is being used in Great Britain by toddlers and this may have a negative impact on their attention span.

Billions of people in this modern age are the users of the internet and social media platforms. They use these platforms to gain knowledge, pass their time watching movies or videos, play games online and also to communicate with their friends and family. These social platforms are now the most common tool to eradicate the distances that are formed due to various reasons, for instance due to the busy life schedules or as a consequence of living far away from each other specially in different cities or countries. People now find it easier to connect with each other due to these social media platforms. But there are certain limitations when it comes to using these social media platforms. One of the greatest restrictions is that the user must be of a certain age to gain access to such platforms. This age limit has been implemented by the United States law through the “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act" (COPPA). Therefore, nearly all of these social media platforms only give permission to the children that are above the age of 13 years. This restriction helps to protect the children from inappropriate content, self hate, cyber bullying and much more.

But sadly, the majority of people pay no heed to this restriction and therefore it has become quite simple and easy to violate this restriction. As per a survey conducted recently, which interviewed around 1,200 children of the age 10-18, and around 78 percent of these interviewee children had confessed that they had joined at least one or two social media platforms ignoring the fact that they were under aged.

ByteDance is a Chinese internet agency that is the owner of the world famous social application Tiktok. As per the terms and conditions of TikTok, anyone below the age of 13 years is restricted to use this application. But as stated earlier, people pay no attention to these restrictions and the same is the case in Great Britain, where according to the Ofcom research about 16 percent of the toddlers, in all probability, tend to enjoy the TikTok videos. The most disturbing fact is that these young children are often encouraged by their parents.

Due to over exposure to such platforms, many children have to face many serious disorders such as eating disorders, often the children find it difficult to focus on a single activity. As per a study, only 4 percent of children of age group 3 to 17 have claimed that they do nothing else while watching the television. In my opinion, the parents should keep an eye on their children and stop them from using social media until the children reach a certain age. This will not only save the child from inappropriate content and cyber bullying but it will also eliminate the chances of the children to develop disorders and compromised health.
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