Instagram Adds the Enhanced Tags Feature to Promote Creators by Tagging Them on Reels

Instagram is rolling out an ‘Enhanced Tags’ option for its users to mention creators and partners on their Reels. The same type of feature was also previously added to the Instagram Feed, so people could help promote the content and their creators on the posts. This is done to give credit to the photo or video creators.

Most interestingly, Instagram is no more a photo-sharing app, rather moving more towards video-sharing. Most of its new features are giving us a sign that its main focus is on video content. Instagram is no doubt a great way to connect people from all walks of life and provides a place for brands and businesses to promote their products. In addition to that, it also encourages content creators to show high-quality content in the form of Reels and Stories.

It is important to note that, in recent years, social media has completely evolved. It has now become a new way of mass communication for enterprises. This shift from photos to videos on Instagram is indeed a logical move. Instagram Reels allow users to shoot short videos to hook viewers’ interest in it and to make the Reels more attractive and worth watching, you can add music, filters, and several other entertainment options. In Reels, the Enhanced Tag option will boost collaborators' recognition. For example, say you have worn a dress for an occasion, and you hired a photographer to capture your looks. If you like their work, and you want to give them credit you can do this by tagging their profiles on Reels so people looking at the tags know who captured that photo.

Most of the Reels are made to promote brands and this feature will definitely help the content makers to highlight the personal designated profile of the contributor that is usually behind the scenes. This enhancement Tag feature will certainly help you give credit to the one whom you’re collaborating with.

To use the new enhanced tagging feature on Instagram, begin creating a Reel that you normally would. When you get to the posting stage, tap Tag People. Then tap in the name of the person you want to tag and click on their username. Once you’re done selecting the username of your contributor, tap the Show Profile Category option and the Creator’s profile will be shown on your Reel.

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