Google Docs Is Updating The Menu Bar So It's Easier For The User To Locate Most Used Buttons

Every other day new updates take place on Google. Now Google Docs is working to make its text writing/editing tool easier and more convenient for users. Google Docs is updating its toolbar menus with the most used buttons by users. This way everyone working on Google Docs will have the advantage of using their most used tools without worrying too much about finding them.

Even though the overall app will not change and will remain the same, Google Docs will still have to undergo some changes to make it easier for users. For instance, Google Docs will make some features more prominent, so there is no need for you to keep in mind all those keyboard shortcuts.

Now, in Google Docs, the tool/tab that was called 'addons' will be changed to 'extensions'. After you open the menu, the very first button you see will be about creating a document. By clicking on the document, you will be able to create a new file. The next tools that are below this button are buttons for download and sharing. History and all other tools are followed by these buttons.

Another thing you will notice in your old and updated version is the 'Print' button. This is the tool by which you can print any of your written documents.

Now you must be thinking about when you can access this updated version. Well, the wait is not that long because the new version of Google Docs will be available to all after May hopefully. Then you can use Google Docs in all its entirety and with all the shortcuts.

Google shared a statement saying, 'Our new menu space will be easier and convenient to find your most-used tools. You will not have to search all around the app to find what you are looking for. It will be faster to be done with your work. You will now have better management of add ons and will now use them as "extensions". Users will have a better platform to work under Google Docs after the updates.

One of the main points worth mentioning is that this update is available to all Google users. From business to personal accounts, the updates will be available to every Google Docs user.

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