TikTok Predicted To Reach 1.6 Billion Active Users Milestone In 2022

TikTok is a huge force to be reckoned with and in case you may disagree, well, the platform has beaten all others at the global app store.

The app that was initially launched in 2014 has been crowned with reaching a huge milestone in terms of consumer spending at the global app store. To be more specific, the app has seen more than $3.7 billion being spent on its platform from users around the world.

Experts believe this is a huge achievement, especially considering the fact that it was launched just 8 years ago. Beating out tough competitors like WhatsApp and Instagram isn’t easy and that’s why many believe the app is truly a global force in the world of smartphone technology.

The actual rise to success began in the year 2018 for the app when it chose to purchase Musical.ly, setting an array of mobile records. And it’s safe to say that this Q1 consumer spending performance award is the latest endeavor worth celebrating.

As far as the app’s biggest reason for reaching the top is concerned, well, all credit goes to its top-of-the-line monetization tactics. In case you weren’t already aware, TikTok generates most of its revenue via advertising, while content that’s attention-grabbing is another key factor of its success.

Outside of its realm, the app makes use of a tipping system, which is a very similar strategy used by Twitch. Here, users can purchase gifts for leading content creators with the help of TikTok’s coin currency. Similarly, it’s not uncommon to find content creators making use of the currency as a means of increasing their views by selecting a video that they’d like to promote.

Remember, creators, need to allocate a budget, timeframe, target audience, and aim for each set of coins bought to ensure everything flows in a systemics manner.

The new claim to fame for TikTok isn’t only for this quarter but for the previous one too, where the app holds true to its number one position. This makes TikTok the only app to defeat a game in the world of consumer spending for a particular quarter.

Results for this quarter also highlighted how the app is also enjoying its success in global spending, after beating out every other game of application in history.

The huge jump 40% jump from last year is definitely a victory worth celebrating, crossing the $840 million global benchmark in user spending around the world. Reports also delineated how the US market led the pack for being the main driver behind this growth where there was nearly a 125% leap in consumer spending at the app store for the year 2022. Moreover, as per DataAI prediction "TikTok would surpass the 1.5 billion MAU milestone in 2022". 

TikTok is also celebrating another accolade for its #2 ranking in the world of downloads, along with the #1 for spending, and the #5 for average MAU for this quarter.

Experts claim the outstanding achievements are clear proof of TikTok’s increasing user base and popularity. And that has to do with its growing strive of bettering user engagement, making it unrivaled against all other competitors.
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