Insider Intelligence Reveals TikTok Generated More Ad Revenue Than Snapchat and Twitter Did Combined

Insider Intelligence reveals that TikTok advertisement revenue puts it further ahead than perhaps any of its competitors in its league, surpassing numbers from Snapchat and Twitter combined.

Is anyone honestly surprised, though? With every passing day, instead of losing momentum in some banned countries, TikTok continues to sprint onwards, spurred on by a community of the most creative teenagers I’ve seen since Vine. And of course I’d call Viners creative: my generation was full of them. Sadly, however, Vine is dead and the old guard now stares in quiet contemplation at the new guard…is what I’d say if millennials and baby boomers didn’t constitute a massive portion of TikTok’s audience. No matter how much criticism the platform continues to receive, it’s irrefutable to state that TikTok is a cultural touchstone along the likes of Facebook in 2000’s, and is only gaining the immense amount of traction that it is because of having a wide community from all sorts of age groups (even if Gen Z is considered the platform’s de facto voice). In fact, perhaps the only other platform to have similar relevance in today’s day and age is Instagram. Yeah, Facebook may not have fallen by the wayside, but it’s generally populated by moms in their 40’s posting Minions memes.

TikTok’s ad revenue is projected to triple across 2022 by the same Insider forecast quoted upwards, and may exceed USD $11 billion. Twitter and Snapchat in comparison are projected to generate USD $5.58 billion and USD $4.46 billion respectively. Yep, the massive difference is honestly staggering. Then again, social media platforms in general are earning literal billions so perhaps I don’t have a lot of sympathies to extend. Either way, here’s to hoping everyone at the top pays their taxes. Speaking of taxes, ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company) intends on probably paying the lion’s share of its taxes from money generated in the USA. That is my terrible segue into revealing that US citizens contributed USD $6 billion to TikTok’s ad revenue, which is just above the halfway line. TikTok may be popular across the world, but with its bans in major countries such as India, there’s no other major market powerhouse left.

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