Highlighting keywords and previewing attachments in search results: Twitter tests improvements in DM search results

Recently we heard from Alessandro Paluzzi that Twitter has been working on the two most required features but as for when the Twitter users would be able to access those features, we've no confirmation on that.

Firstly we’ve heard that the company is working to highlight the search results in direct messages, which means that now it’s going to be super easy for users to search any message they want to just by putting the keyword in the search bar and as a result, they will get all the related messages, within their DM groups as well as personal chats, with the mentioned keyword being highlighted.

For example, if you want to search for a message that your friend sent you, among all the other messages, you can now simply write a keyword such as “books” or “phone” or any message you remember your friend sent you, and you’ll get all the relevant results with “books” and “phone” (or the other keyword you wrote) being highlighted (probably in yellow color) so that you can easily find the correct message. Prior to this update, Twitter users could only search for the name of the person or the group and then search for that particular message.

This feature is helpful when you have received a lot of messages after the message you are looking for and that particular message or chat is pushed somewhere down below. Other than that it also helps you when in a group chat you’ve been bombarded with a lot of messages and that message is God knows where, so if you remember the content of the message you can simply write it on the search bar and get the message with the keyword highlighted and more prominent.

This new update is similar to what Meta’s WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger along with Apple’s iMessage had already introduced to help their users easily and quickly search for specific information or chats.

The second feature as per Paluzzi that Twitter has been working on recently is the preview of attachments in the search results. Twitter has provided users with this option to attach any link, image, video or a GIF, or any media and send that to any friend or group of friends, but now to further assist the users, Twitter is going to be introducing this very user-friendly update which will aid the user to have a sneak peek of what the attachment is about when they search for such content in their direct messages that contains attachments, before actually opening the link. This way users can have an idea of what the link is about and can decide whether to open it or not.

Suppose someone in your group asked you to follow a certain Twitter account and attached a link to the account in the message, now when you will search for that message on the DM search bar, you will be able to see a small picture of that account right beside the link of the account in that particular message.

Similar to the highlight update, this update as well was already seen on WhatsApp Messenger and iMessage. Seems like Twitter has been working on new features to give their users the quality they signed for.

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