Twitter Rolls Back ‘Controversial’ Change That Made Deleted Tweets Invisible In Embeds

Twitter has recently walked back from its much-talked-about change involving deleted tweets.

The company recently made it clear how it was in the process of reversing its decision to turn embeds of removed tweets into empty boxes. And that meant users can now again preserve any deleted tweets on the platform.

The decision was announced on Wednesday by a renowned writer named Kevin Marks who highlighted how the app had recently made some small but impactful alterations in the embedded javascript that hid deleted tweet content from embeds present in third-party sites. But now, that change is no longer going to be present.

At the moment, there isn’t a lot of details or explanation being provided by Twitter itself, other than the fact that it's exploring a range of different options. But one spokesperson for Twitter revealed how the change only came through after much discussion and feedback as the platform searched for better alternatives.

Initially, the company’s product manager revealed how the small tweak was done to respect all those individuals that made deletions of tweets. But there was always an issue as the void left behind came in the form of a giant blank space, where the previous text’s embed was present.

While Twitter is yet to dive deep down into the details of its different options after the mega reversal, one thing is for sure. The choice to alter how embeds function on the platform was definitely a strange strategy, to begin with.

Remember, the concept of embedding on the platform was first rolled out back in 2011 and that’s when Twitter spoke about how it purposely wished to keep text related to deleted tweets. But now, many years down the line, the company’s leading heads and ex-CEO made it very clear how Twitter also serves as a ‘public record’ platform. Therefore, maintaining records of changes cannot be abolished completely.

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