Google Will Soon Reward Its Trusted Chrome Developers And Publishers With Special Badges

It’s high time that Google’s Chrome Web Store played a part in giving reputed developers and publishers some credit for their valued performance.

And that’s probably one of the many reasons why the company has recently announced its plans to award special badges to the respected entities.

Chrome’s Web Store is another place of extensions that can be used for the classic Chrome browser. And it’s no surprise to many how it has faced its fair share of issues over time, alongside the detrimental extensions that spread malware.

While the Manifest V3 tried to bring an effective solution to this problem by default, Google has made it a point to give credit where it's deserved and that’s why users would soon be seeing special pledges.

The decision was announced through an email sent out on Friday to the company’s web store developers, as reported by XDA. This is where Google mentioned how delighted it was to incorporate two extension-related badges that assist them in delivering their goals.

To be more specific, the new badges to look out for include ‘Featured Badge’ and one that says ‘Established Publisher Badge’.The company also mentioned in the email how they would be made available in the upcoming weeks at the store.

Moreover, it was mentioned how those developers that receive the honor of such badges would be liable to get higher rankings in terms of both searches and filters. And just in case that’s not enough, these developers could also see their extensions as a part of a unique promotion available in and out of the platform’s web store.

To get the Featured Badge, extensions will need to stay in line with Chrome’s best practices, while meeting the high standards set for enhanced user experience with design, and will be allotted manually.

On the other hand, the Established Publisher Badge would be allotted to those developers or publishing accounts with a great performance track from Google’s Services as well as the Program Policy intended for developers. To put it simply, if you haven’t broken any rules on the platform’s web store, you’re destined to get this badge.

Google also specified how no monetary amount would be accepted to attain either of the two badges. However, the tech giant did shed light on how it appears to be working in favor of developers getting some sort of consideration.

Tech experts claim the new badges are very close in design to those announced by Firefox’s extension program, where those extensions that surpass rules pertaining to security, experience, and functionality get awarded after a thorough performance evaluation.

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