New Study Reveals Lenovo And HP Are Still Dominating The PC Market

A recent market-based research study by IDC has gone on to highlight the dominating role of Lenovo and HP in the PC market.

It was interesting to note how Lenovo continued to pave the way as a market leader again with sales of nearly 18.3 million devices during the year’s first quarter. This gave it a whopping share of around 22.7% for this year, but it did come down from last year’s 23.7%.

As far as runner-ups are concerned, again, there were no surprises for many as HP reigned supreme with 15.8 million sales of its units. This was a little lower than last year’s sales performance of 19.2 million.

In third place, Dell rang in with sales of 13.7 million units while Apple stayed far behind the rest.

As a whole, the total sale of units for this year’s first quarter included 80.5 million computers which was an approximate 5.1 percent decline from one year ago.

However, IDC says the decline should not be looked upon with negativity. After all, a decline in computer volumes was inevitable and shouldn’t be looked upon as a deciding factor for success.

Instead, the firm highlighted the significance of the PC industry making bigger moves to ship out their massive units, especially during a time when logistics compounded with the supply chain happens to be a mess. A lot of that had to do with geopolitical issues while others were linked to pandemic-related matters.

The company’s report also delineated a decline in both the education market as well as those belonging to consumers. With that being said, there is still a great indication of high demand for commercial computers, it mentioned.

IDC mentioned its thoughts on the matter in a detailed statement about how it continued to envision a promising future with the trend picking up pace in the consumer markets again very soon.

For now, they’re celebrating the success related to growing shipping volumes that achieved a near-record during the first quarter.

Interestingly, the IDC market analysis showed HP recording the biggest drop for this year where declines went down to 17.8%. At the same time, ASUS made a record growth of nearly 17.7% with a staggering rise in its market share as well to 6.9%.

But when it came down to Apple, the tech giant was observed as holding just an 8.0% share in the market.
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