Here's A Sneak Peek Of What To Expect With Twitter's Highly-Anticipated Edit Button

Whether Tesla CEO Elon Musk acquires complete control of Twitter or not, one thing is for sure. The Twitter edit button is here to stay.

We recently reported how Twitter had answered so many people’s requests for an edit button but we still weren’t quite sure about what it would look like or how exactly it would function.

But the suspense may soon be coming to an end as more and more is revealed in regards to the highly anticipated edit button.

While some got a feel of what it may appear as on iOS, others were curious to see how the workflow would play out in the end.

Now, all thanks to two Twitter enthusiasts, so many uncovered parts are coming into the limelight regarding the web version of the button for the popular social media app.

Nima Owji and Alessandro Paluzzi put up a recent screenshot that showed how they managed to use the benefits of the hidden editor to rectify a normal tweet. Remember, it more or less appears identical to the normal editor that can be used for small changes.

The regular Tweet option gets replaced with a button for update and that can be found on the bottom right-hand side. Similarly, Paluzzi made audiences aware of how the new edit button would appear on Twitter’s context menu in relation to the Tweet.

In case you didn’t know, it will be shown as ‘Edit Tweet’ and while these Twitter sleuths may have nailed the outlook, we doubt they were able to actually make a real edit on their tweets right now.

Next came Nima Owji who appeared to show the editing workflow through a clear-cut screen recording. After pressing the edit button located on the menu, users get thrown back into the platform’s editor for that tweet. And that’s where the live text can be edited with sheer ease.

One rather interesting point worth mentioning is how the new edit button does not have a timeout as shown by these experts. But according to statements released by the company itself, Twitter will not allow users to go and tweak any tweet from the past.

Also, whenever Twitter plans on making the new edit feature go live, we might be seeing some markings on tweets that are altered which clearly weren’t seen on both Paluzzi's or Owji’s demonstrations.

Don’t forget that the new edit button will initially only be rolled out for Twitter’s blue subscribers. Meanwhile, the company also shared how it is still trying to work on the button and is also taking into consideration any feedback it receives along the way such as time limits and more.

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