US Department of State partners up with Google’s Art & Culture app in light of World’s heritage day to spread awareness about their preservation

On account of International day for monuments and sites which is celebrated on the 18th of April, the US Department of State is taking a step forward in collaboration with Google’s Art & Culture application to create possibilities for the people to learn and know about cultural heritages of different regions of the world.

The US Department of State has initiated a 1,100 Ambassadors Fund plan in more than one hundred and thirty countries all over the map. Basically, the idea behind this project is to revive and preserve the rich cultural heritage of most nations including the preservation of ancient buildings, cultural sites and traditions, infrastructure, and languages too. In Nepal, after a massive earthquake in Kathmandu’s Valley, there’s a severe emergency to take measures to save the arts and monuments so, as part of the Ambassadors project the US is reinforcing and ensuring that there is no loss of heritage. Other than this, there are other countries such as Zimbabwe and Egypt whose historic places need to be preserved in the near future. The US Department of State works together with communities and international partners to ensure the preservation of valuable traditions and sites of a region. This is important for the educational and tourism industry that people should be well aware of the ancient sites to visit and learn more and this can only be done if the traditional sites are well-preserved.

To spread peace and engage communities with each other, the US Department of State has become a partner with Google’s Art and Culture app which was developed back in 2018 to promote arts and crafts on smartphones. It allows users to explore different cultures and historic buildings, arts, and cultures of countries on the website virtually by exploring the content in the app. This is a great app developed by Google for sharing and preserving cultures, arts, and traditions, and it’s going to get even better with the help of the US Department of State. Their contributions towards this will allow more people to appreciate cultural values and historic places of regions around the globe.

Thailand’s Wat Chaiwatthanaram at Ayutthaya, Egypt’s al-Imam al-Shafi’i Mausoleum, and Ancient Nabataean Flash Flood Protection System at Petra are featured historic sites in the app. There is loads of information along with images, videos, and simulations regarding cultural heritage preservation and also information regarding the hazards of climate change affecting the historic sites, arts, and cultures.

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