Google’s New ‘Multi-Search Option’ Will Combine Visuals With Text For Better User Results

Google is always on the lookout for enhancing user experiences and this time around, it’s targeting just that with a new multi-search option for improved results.

One of the most annoying things a user can encounter while searching has to be not finding something that they’re in search of. And when you’re racing against the clock, it hurts even more.

But have no fear as Google is back with another exciting plan that it hopes will better users’ search experience with absolute ease. Think along the lines of visuals combined with the text as your parameters to get more desirable search results. This way, the tech giant hopes its users can get exactly what they’re looking for.

This multi-search capacity will reportedly be powered by artificial intelligence-based tools where searchers can add new parameters for their visual queries to get target-specific and more refined results.

Google revealed through a recent statement how it hopes users can ask queries about something that could be lying in front of them or maybe give their search an added kick by narrowing it down based on color, a particular visual attribute, or even by being label-specific. As you can see, the possibilities are unlimited.

Experts believe this will add a whole new dimension to those wanting to enhance their eCommerce searches with visual details that redefine their end results. After all, we’ve got millions who use the platform to get creative ideas while shopping. Did we mention the chance of obtaining more browsable solutions while searching for fashion-themed queries?

Some critics believe this could potentially be the start of a number of large-scale elements for the future, especially taking into consideration the platform’s drive to introduce AR glasses or other visual tools.

Hence, as more and more people get comfortable with using these tools, it would simultaneously make sense to them to add visual queries to their searches. And the end result is a refined breakthrough discovery element. Clearly, searching will never be the same again and until then, we’ll just have to keep our eyes open for the update from Google.

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