Why some apps are going to vanish from the Google Play Store? Here’s the reason you need to know

Google Play is working on purging the outdated apps on Android that aren’t upgraded to the latest version of the Android API level.

API level is an integer value that is specifically recognized in the framework of Android. Mostly apps are developed on two Android versions. One is the lowest API level and the other is the target API. As the name suggests, the lowest API level is designed according to the current Android version. Whereas, the Target Android API level is built keeping in mind the upcoming versions of Android. So, Google is now implementing Apple’s strategy of removing the old versions of the apps and games that do not target an API level within 2 years of time frame.

There are tons of applications that aren’t updated for years and now the Google Play Store will no longer preserve the old applications for installation for new consumers that do not target the latest Android release. Because of their old layout, these apps will be abandoned and will no longer be available on the Search. This means that the company will only allow those apps to be discovered or installed that continue to update their app programming interface with the latest Android versions. Currently, applications should be able to run on Android 11 with API level 30, and also on the upcoming Android 12 with API level 31 which is expected to come this year probably in August. This, however, applies to the applications that are still updating. While outdated apps will no longer be preserved on the Google Play Store unless and until the app developers upgrade their apps to the target API of Android's recent release versions.

However, it is important to note that with the updated API levels, new and more restricted permissions also come along. Security updates are the prime reason why apps like Snapchat stay on older APIs as far as they can. Snapchat persisted to Android 5.1 for years and hadn’t upgraded to Android 6.0 just to bypass the security updates. So, starting from November 2022 Google will ensure that the previously developed apps do not adversely impact your Android’s security. Without a doubt, this initiative seems to refine privacy, as newer apps have to comply with the progressively updating Android's privacy and security. However, outdated apps can still be backed up on Android.

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