Sharing your streaming service passwords can be pretty disastrous reveals a new report

All or at least majority of the Netflix or any other streaming service users have one thing in common. It is sharing their streaming service passwords with their friends and family and while it may not look like a big deal. It in fact is.

Beyond Identity, which is a security service provider, just surveyed around 1000 of US citizens and concluded a report on the impacts of what sharing a password can do. To start off, the majority of the streaming service users have accounts on more than one streaming service. While this isn’t the issue, the problem is that these users have the same password on all their streaming services.

Hence, if you tell the password for one service to someone, there is a possibility that they might mooch your second one. The survey showed that 55 percent of the people didn’t pay for any service but still had access while 38 percent paid and gave others access.

Among the list of many streaming services, Netflix showed 84 percent chances of getting mooched considering how popular it is, while Hulu followed close behind with 57 percent chances of mooching.

While mooching is a problem, it isn’t the only one which comes with sharing a password. Most people who got their Netflix or any other account mooched also saw that their personal information which inclined with those accounts got compromised as well. People however also shared that they though knew which friends and family were using their account they were hesitant to confront them.

Lastly, the reports also concluded that when one streaming service user shares a password with someone from their friend circle or family, there are some instances when those friends can spread the password further to other people without the owner’s consent. This is extremely dangerous too.

Hence, while sharing your Netflix password may seem like a good deed because the negative impacts which follow are pretty disastrous.
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