Google Changes Cookie Handling Of Its Services Across Europe By Giving Users The Choice to ‘Reject All’

We are all well aware of how the European Union and its lawmakers have been trying really hard to stay in complete control of users’ information and personal details through the web.

They’ve always been keen on knowing which sites are getting the best information from you. But now, that may soon change, all thanks to Google’s key intervention.

The historic General Data Protection Regulation has been doing wonders at deciding how so many of us actually use the internet and which sites we end up visiting. Moreover, it also assists so many everyday users to understand how a website actually handles our information, even if you don’t reside in Europe.

Now, the time has come for Google to step in and give users better command than what they may previously have been getting. But how exactly does it work?

Users based in Europe who are not signed into their Google accounts will see a new bar for cookies at the top of their pages for both YouTube and Google Search. This delineates how browser cookies would now be able to collect their information and then use it for the website selected.

The main parts that require your action include an ‘accept or reject’ option for all the cookies, on an all at once basis. Also, if the user allows, they can also benefit from diving in deep and getting more granular, only after providing their consent.

Google unveiled how the new initiative was made keeping in mind special directions given by France’s Information Commission. While the change was launched earlier during the month for YouTube users in France, other visitors across the European continent will soon be able to benefit from the new feature as well.

Google also highlighted how hard it has worked to actually get this change into action, keeping in mind the great complexity attached to GDPR, which is not too smooth in terms of its working.

As a whole, it won’t affect a user’s overall experience on YouTube or even Google Search but a little transparency goes a long way in this case.

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