Google Replaces Homepage Logo With Images Showing Harsh Reality Of Climate Change

Google Doodle is at it again and this time around, it’s honoring Earth Day by giving the world a moment to think about climate change.

The tech giant could be seen replacing its classic image with a series of interesting time-lapse pictures that showed the grim reality of what the earth is facing.

This is definitely not the first time that Google has managed to achieve this as Google Doodle does play an active role to commemorate certain occasions, with Earth Day being it's latest.

The move was appreciated by many as it gave plenty of food for thought on how dangerous climate change is and how so many of us need to play an active role before it's too late.

These images are called Google Doodles and they’re usually very fun and playful options that catch the billions of eyes of users conducting research on the search engine.

Mostly, the logo put forward by Google usually has a creative take on the company’s original name but this time around, it seems that it’s on a mission of delivering something a little more impactful or shall we say, animated yet powerful.

Around the world, people using Chrome or Google Search Page would be able to see one of the four animations, that slowly but surely show how climate change transforms our planet, over the period of time.

If you’re keen enough to observe, the image alters every few hours, and the further the time passes, the more drastic the change, similar to the reality of the alarming climate crisis.

The first image features an animation showing Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro in 1986 and from that period to 2020, the glacier belonging to the mountain shrinks by a great amount. Later on, you might witness the move devastating glacier retreat from Greenland’s Sermersooq that took place between 2020 to 2022.

During the afternoon hours, the timelapse alter again and this time, it’s the harmful reality of coral bleaching shown in the Great Barrier Reef, a place near Lizard Island. Due to the response given by the algae, a distinct color change occurs in the water due to climate alterations.

In the last image, users on the Google Search homepage will witness the devastating destruction entailing Germany’s Harz Forests. This has been going on since the year 1995. And reports from DW go off mentioning how the drastic climate change has even resulted in droughts and trees covered with pests.

Google has opted to power these images via Google Earth, with the Reef one being an exception. All in all, I would say it’s a remarkable and unique effort to honor Earth Day and help the common man realize the ongoing damage being done to our planet earth.

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