Google Begins Testing Major Changes For Featured Snippets In A Bid To Give Searchers More Diversity

Google has begun testing some significant changes that will involve its featured snippets.

The search engine giant is very keen on going the extra mile in terms of providing diversity to its searchers and what better place to begin than this?

Users noted how the noteworthy alterations would include two additions: 1. From the Web and 2. Other Sites Say.

1. ‘From the Web’: In normal cases, converted snippets include text from and a particular link to a certain site. But with this new test in place, the platform plans on unveiling short excerpts from at least two or perhaps three websites. And these will be effectively linked in a manner that relates to the relevant source. Similarly, Google hopes to tag along with the website’s favicon as well.

Screenshot: Vlad Rappoport

2. ‘Other Sites Say’: This will be another variant of Google’s featured snippet where the platform hopes to group at least three different sites over the usual paragraph-themed snippet. All of this will be placed under a single heading relating to ‘Other Sites Say’.

In case you’re still wondering whether or not you need to care, well, those having featured snippets linked to specific keywords could lose some of their traffic. After all, the clicks are ending up on someone else’s page. And trust us when we say, that person is your next competitor.

Similarly, you might lose out on ownership of the SERP real estate too and you know what that means. Your own website could be sharing snippets pertaining to several different sites. These could further vary and it all depends if the new update gets rolled out on a temporary or permanent basis.

On the other hand, those users who don’t really own any snippets can benefit from greater chances of getting them and driving more traffic in the right direction.

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