TikTok Revolutionizes The Way To Connect Your Friends

TikTok is an up and coming platform where users of all ages are welcome to their talents, voice their opinions or maybe share an exciting story. The platform, since its inception, has been working on making its user interface more friendly and accessible to everyone. TikTok has introduced numerous new and exciting updates, including videos up to ten minutes long. Recently, the platform dominated its competitor Facebook in average screen time spent by the users on the app. It seems that TikTok is now working on making it easier for you to connect with your friends. The Friends tab is a valuable addition to see what your friends are up to on the app!

As shared by user @MattNavarra on Twitter, TikTok has replaced the Discover Tab with the new Friends Tab. However, the user was not too thrilled about the latest update and additionally mentioned that the Discover Tab was beneficial for them. Let's not dive into any conclusions and take a deeper look at what the Friends Tab has to offer for its users.

According to the screenshots, The Friends Tab is a collection of posts from the accounts you follow, The accounts that follow you back and suggested posts by TikTok's algorithm. How does this help you exactly? The new feature is designed to collect all of your friends and the accounts you follow organized in one Tab. It is a neat way for you to catch up with your favorite accounts and your friends. The feature also showcases any recommendations you might like and can allow you to connect with new creators. Once you update the app, it showcases the update's features in a friendly and interactive presentation.

Prior to this, the Discover Tab led you to a window with the trending hashtags and a search bar to be able to connect with your friends and new creators manually by entering their username. This was particularly helpful for creators who wanted to research the trending hashtags and sounds. It was also an easy way for an average viewer to dive into content that varies from their day to day watchlist. One could just as quickly go through hundreds of videos of a particular trend if you were interested in it. Now that the Tab is removed, it is no longer an option and can be a hassle, particularly for creators. The Discover Tab's absence can make it hard for creators to work out trending hashtags and sounds. It can also be particularly difficult for you as a viewer to not have easy access to the search bar as many creators post the same videos outside of the platform. One might wish to follow them on TikTok via their username.

It is too soon to give out any comments regarding the feature since the update just rolled out; however, many users on Twitter are reportedly not happy with it. Some users, for now, are confused with the addition, and many are questioning its purpose. It will not be long before millions and users across the globe update their apps and will rush to social media platforms to share their views

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