Pinterest. Etsy, & Vimeo Urge Lawmakers To Shun Anti-Piracy Proposal

A number of leading companies are charging ahead with demands to lawmakers to shun the anti-piracy proposal.

Sources revealed how the companies were against the proposal’s idea of making use of filtering tools that were still not developed yet.

Similarly, the organizations complained about how the proposal would actually inject a certain level of uncertainty when it came down to relevant copyright laws. In the same way, they raised their concerns about the risks associated with the privacy of users, including the methods used to access their data.

The reservations came in the form of a letter that was reportedly sent out to relevant lawmakers this week.

The sudden emergence of the letter is believed to come at a time when the SMART Copyright law for the year 2022 was introduced by Senators from Vermont and North Carolina.

It is believed that Copyright Office would soon be given respective duties to create a series of technical measures that were solely aimed to battle piracy-related matters.

Interested companies would then be forced to use those measures or be held accountable for lawsuits aimed at entailing copyright infringement regarding data uploaded online by different sources.

As a whole, it would end up revising the entire Digital Millennium Copyright Law that protects different organizations from similarly designed lawsuits regarding infringement claims over material that’s shared online.

However, companies like Vimeo, Etsy, and Pinterest are now raising their voice over the issue so lawmakers are informed how this new bill could put a giant but inexperienced body in charge of overlooking the design process behind digital products, even if copyright isn’t being infringed.

Those opposing the proposal have also claimed that the passing of the law means never-ending cycles of litigation that are put in place through a series of technical hurdles mandated by the government.

For now, the letter of disapproval has received more than a dozen signatures including some of the country’s leading tech organizations, advocacy bodies, and law professors too.

H/T: TechDirt.

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