Brands Must Consider The Removal Of Website Errors As Their Priority, As Not Every Customer Has The Time To Keep Up With The Poor Website Performance

Though in the current era we have various ways to connect with brands digitally and so far, indeed it has proven to be an exciting experience however the poor quality of the website turns this experience sour in so many ways not to mention the impact it has on brand reputation, approachability, and profit, all because of the website developer putting the growth above the quality and experience of the website.

According to the research conducted by Sauce Labs, 23% of the population, at least once a day, comes across an issue that prevents them from completing the task at hand. Furthermore, customers putting forward complaints related to the assistive technology interrupting their browsing experience have been recorded in a very large number, according to the research 38% of the users on daily basis get a smooth browsing experience, and the remaining 62% stated that they experience errors on regular basis due to poor assistive technology badly disturbing their routine.

Users stated over this issue that they are done with it! Every fifth consumer said that they don’t have time and tolerance to keep up with the website errors and they have to be removed, showing the history of the poor experiences they have had.

Sauce Labs discovered that almost 49% of the users just stopped using a website completely out of anger reason being the website errors, 27% of the population of consumers had other ways to showcase their emotions, 7% of the users just flipped, threw, and smacked things due to frustration while the remaining 7% said how they would just yell and scream curses aloud to relieve their stress.

Well, it is obvious that the bottom line suffers the most due to the poor code quality of any website. Not all users are forgiving enough to ignore the bad experience they would have with a company or so, therefore, one-fourth of the users after a poor experience with a company leave bad reviews and comments and 20% of the customers are found to just stop shopping from a brand for the same reason.

A lot of the customers discuss their bad experiences with friends and relatives, this discussion potentially puts the brand in a challenging situation because there is a possibility of bad words reaching the ears of potential customers and them deciding to change their minds.

In conclusion, if you are the brand that puts the delivery of good services to your customers your priority only then your brand has the chance to get through in the current era of the digital economy. To become successful businesses must focus on delivering quality code that reinforces flawless user experiences.

In the conduction of this research, Sauce Labs interviewed 1,500 consumers in the U.S., U.K., and Germany.
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