YouTube, Netflix and Apple are among the most coolest brands for the largest generation in history, Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha consumers have an eye for technology and social media brands.

Generation alpha is the age bracket that comes after the generation Z. All the children that are born in 2010 (same year in which iPad was released) or after 2010 are included in Generation alpha. Majority of people included in Generation alpha are below the age of 12 and the oldest are going to become teens in 2022. The name “Generation Alpha” was suggested in 2018 by a consulting agency under the name of McCrindle. And as per the reports, this generation is expected to reach a population of more than two billion in 2025. Therefore it is said to be the largest generation in the history.

But as we all are familiar with the events that have occurred in the past two years, thus the generation alpha is unofficially also known as the “Generation C” as in Generation COVID, due to the reason that how much these events have affected their lives. A social researcher of Gen alpha, Ashley Fell has revealed that how much the impact of COVID-19 (whether the impact may be social, economic, psychological or educational) will leave its footprints on this young generation.

Hence as a consequence of these events, the generation alpha is under a great influence of the technology. The screen time has increased dramatically during the crucial times of the pandemic, with the office meetings to the school activities and even the play dates have been shifted to a virtual format.

As per a year long report of an insights consultancy, known as Beano Brain, which questioned the generation alpha about their interests, the results revealed that gen alpha is heavily leaned towards the social media brands and gaming.

The marketers were shocked to see the results, that Roblox scored 10th position on the list while Nintendo was 9th, Nike was on 8th position, whereas, Minecraft, Apple, Disney and Amazon were on 7th, 6th, 5th, and 4th positions respectively. Meanwhile McDonald’s scored a third position following Netflix which has obtained 2nd position on the list. YouTube remains the 1st on list of most coolest brands for the youngsters.

But the results varied due to the gender differences, with the brands for gaming such as Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo were on the top 10 list for boys, but on the contrary the social brand TikTok was positioned in the top ten for the girls. The brands including YouTube and Netflix have scored relatively high due to the fact that they embrace and pay attention to their creator communities, assisting them to construct independence as well as autonomy. Advertisers who helped youngsters fit in, while additionally permitting them to express themselves, had been additionally valued incredibly.

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