10 Tips to Help Small Businesses to Improve Mobile Marketing

Today, we use our smartphones to make a large number of online purchases. That’s why your business needs a professional mobile marketing approach to avoid losing potential clients.

Mobile marketing has been actively developing over the past few years. Marketers are constantly increasing the quality and quantity of mobile content. For many people, smartphones have become the main source of access to the Internet. We can communicate, learn, buy and sell, and do business via mobiles.

Smartphones have revolutionized our world and marketing. It’s safe to say that sales of mobile devices exceed sales of PCs. We use them for completely different purposes — business owners pay for a certain "beautiful" combination of digits and use it as a business phone; ordinary users spend hours on the Internet searching for necessary information and watching entertainment content.

In this article, we are going to tell you what mobile marketing is and what companies should take into account when developing a strategy.

Some Words About Mobile Marketing

In today's world, we spend a lot of time with our smartphones scrolling the feed and surfing the Internet. We all actively use various mobile gadgets. It means one thing — a mobile marketing campaign is a must for any business to survive.

Mobile marketing is any promotional activity that uses digital marketing channels to talk to the audience via smartphones. Various apps, SMS, push notifications, geo-marketing, QR codes, SMM, voice marketing, in-game advertising are elements of this type of marketing. A sophisticated mobile marketing strategy can work wonders.

10 Tips To Improve Mobile Marketing

With a competent approach, you can effectively promote goods and services to a wide audience and at a low cost. Let's take a look at what companies should take into consideration when planning their digital marketing strategy.

1. Know your target audience

First of all, you need to clearly understand who is your target audience before you start developing and improving your mobile marketing strategy.

Numerous companies try to reach as large an audience as possible and conquer new markets with the help of monotonous advertising messages. At the same time, they mistakenly believe that massive advertising will pay off by reducing the costs. And then they wonder why advertising works so poorly and doesn't bring the expected results.

The reason is that each buyer reacts to advertising differently. Therefore, you need to implement specific approaches for various customers. Target audience analysis can help you with all these issues. Its main task is to get high results from promotion, avoiding excessively large investments.

So, don’t ignore this point. What seems obvious at first glance can save you a lot of money. Analyze your potential customers, market, and existing competitors. Use all kinds of analytical services and marketing tools offered by the modern market.

2. Personalize your content

Mobile marketing is focused on people who are constantly on the move. That's why your marketing content should provide existing and new clients with customized information based on time and place. So they get the needed information at the appropriate moment.

Personalization is a great chance to boost sales. Marketers who have implemented it have noted significant results and increases in traffic, conversion, and sales. Personalization is understanding the consumers — what, how, and when they buy. It helps businesses build loyalty.

3. Launch your company's mobile app

From a commercial standpoint, mobile applications are considered one of the most helpful tools for connecting the target audience. There are numerous reasons for your business to develop a mobile app.

We won't describe them in detail. However, it's worth mentioning that your company's app allows you to establish a constant communication channel with clients. So, for instance, push notifications with limited offers, discounts, sales and bonuses encourage people to buy your products and services. Such an application is direct access to all users who have downloaded and installed it, as well as a source of data for further analysis.

Therefore, if the budget and the target audience size allow you to launch your company's mobile app, you should definitely do it, especially now when the e-commerce segment has grown significantly.

4. Develop a mobile-friendly website

For some small businesses, the app development may seem extremely expensive and doesn't make any sense, so it's worth investing in a mobile-friendly website.

With this strategy, the website and its content adapt to the gadget on which the user opened it. All sections and information are compressed to the screen borders, and it's comfortable to read and check the pages.

But if you are sure that your site is accessed from a PC only, your business doesn't need such a website. However, today it's a highly rare thing. Therefore, if your business doesn't need a mobile application, you definitely can't do without a mobile-friendly website.

5. Implement SMS marketing

To achieve success and increase your company's sales, you need to use all existing promotion methods. SMS marketing is one of them. If you think that SMS messages are ineffective, then you are wrong! They still have huge potential in marketing.

By using SMS marketing, you can reach existing and possible customers by showing them texts with promotions and news.

If you select the correct audience, text marketing will perform in the finest way. Send messages to people who have agreed to receive information from you only. For optimal effect, write briefly and strictly to the point. You almost have no time to grab the people's attention and engage readers in communication.

6. SMM

Social media marketing (SMM) is in demand by companies. It allows them to promote their business and unite with consumers. Most people access their social media accounts using their smartphones. Use these networks in your mobile marketing strategy.

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok are the most trending social resources for mobile marketing. Twitter and LinkedIn unite millions of users as well. Twitch is a great option for certain niches and companies.

The choice of a particular social network for an advertising campaign depends on the target audience and its coverage. Effective promotion, as a rule, involves the use of several resources since they differ in the methods used to share information and work differently even for the same target audience.

7. Create high-quality content

Any marketing strategy can't exist and bring satisfactory results without high-quality content. As follows from the previous point, try to post certain content for each social network and target audience.

Today, video content is in trend. Content creators publish videos not only on YouTube but other social media platforms. This type of content engages and attracts users and increases conversion. People are much more willing to watch videos with captions than read long posts.

However, don't exclude the textual, audio, and visual content at all. Infographics, podcasts, long reads, images are also in demand and can bring great results. In general, another task of your mobile marketing strategy is to make high-quality content and use this or that type of content on a specific SM platform and for the appropriate target audience correctly.

8. Implement in-game mobile marketing

Mobile gaming is a multimillion-dollar niche that appeals to a worldwide audience. Advertisements that appear in mobile games are referred to as in-game mobile marketing.

Most often, developers introduce advertising of companies and services into their games, for viewing which the player can receive some kind of reward or bonus in the game. As a rule, such videos last from 5 to 30 seconds.

This type of advertising satisfies developers and business owners as well as the users themselves — they don't have to spend real money on valuable game resources.

9. Paid advertising

In any business, it's crucial to find a quick and affordable way to reach your target audience. With the development of social networks and mobile technologies, targeted and context ads began to cope well with this task. One of the strategies to advertise your brand and enhance sales with mobile marketing is to use paid advertising.

Thus, you demonstrate banners to the target audience only, fully control the budget, see the number of clicks and completely regulate the process. Setting up advertising isn't a challenge, but there are many nuances. It's better to contact a specialist if you don't want to waste your money.

10. Chat with your clients

What is the success of your mobile marketing campaign? It's definitely high-quality content, a well-thought-out strategy, and personalization. But it is also worth remembering that a large part of the success depends on communication. And it's a well-known fact that today many prefer to chat rather than call.

Therefore, communication with your clients and excellent customer support via smartphone is the key to the success of your business. Use online chats and chatbots that will collect the information necessary for analytics. Allow your buyers and customers to ask a question via live chat and get an answer promptly. Such a tool simplifies navigation for the user, helps to increase conversion, and significantly boosts sales.

Summing Up

It's quite challenging to include all the ways to improve your company's mobile marketing in one article. We have tried to do our best and identify the most critical, in our opinion, aspects.

Use our tips in a complex, create high-quality content, plan correctly, calculate the budget, improve customer service, and then success will definitely await you.

We wish you all the best!
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