Apple Will Soon Enable Some App Store Apps To Link To External Websites

In what is being considered a breakthrough step, Apple has recently announced the decision to allow some of its applications to directly link with external websites.

This means users will now be given the opportunity to develop and control their own accounts directly with the developer of the app.

Tech experts believe this new change to the tech giant’s app store guidelines entails only those apps that the brand refers to as ‘reader’ apps. In particular, this means those that are solely designed to give access to a certain subtype of digital information such as through videos, audios, books, or perhaps even music.

Last September, Apple had revealed its plans relating to the matter after settling a major agreement with one Japanese regulator.

Moreover, the tech giant revealed during an earlier time how all of its changes would soon be applied globally to various reader apps that were available for sale on its app store. However, at that time, they had failed to provide a proper launch date.

Today, users can find the new array of guidelines that are reportedly updated by providing accurate references explaining the concept behind Reader apps and how they can make the most of these exciting features.
In particular, users should be on the lookout for the terms ‘External Link Account’ as that is what will provide them with this feature on their phone’s apps.

This is also being called out as an entitlement by Apple where it is said to still have plenty of control while allowing developers to incorporate a particular feature.

Now, Apple will be personally taking care of the apps and overviewing the external links themselves, instead of putting blind faith on its Review Team for apps.

To help users along the way, the company has also included an array of usage guidelines for all the developers to follow to ensure a smooth process with the external link feature.

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