YouTube is testing three new features for creators, including the ability to add images to your poll

YouTube is an app that is used by millions of people every day. Many people use the app for entertainment and informational purposes. Like all other platform, YouTube also understands that it needs to bring out cool updates every now and then to keep their users intrigued and their app growing.

According to the old policy, if you are a creator on YouTube and need to mention anyone or get mentioned yourself you needed to have at least 500 subscribers but now with the new update you don't need any subscribers to get mentioned or mention someone. This is a much needed feature that will help under-rated users gain more reach and grow in subscribers.

Moving on, we are sure that you all have seen that when a creator goes live or does any live streams a ring of red appears around their profile pictures. But now if a creator whom you have subscribed to has any unwatched stories then a ring of red will appear over there as well. T So how will you differentiate? Well, the main difference between these rings is that the one that appears for live streams has “live” written on it while the other is completely barren. This feature is not completely rolled out yet but will be available by the end of April.

Every one of us has encountered YouTube polls at least once and now the third update corresponds with them. The update is not really an update as YouTube is still testing out this feature. The point of testing is that in the polls the creators will soon be able to add photos which they couldn't before. The creators will be able to add up to 4 photos in their polls. According to the app they have received good reviews about the polls feature because it is fun and easy to interact with while sharing your opinions. The people who can test out this feature as an experiment are the ones with access to the community tab or have over 500 subscribers. They will share them with the world and all users on iOS, Android and desktop will be able to interact with those polls like given answers, liking and commenting on them.

All these features are great ones that will help out creators be more efficient in their creations and provide more quality content for the users.

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