YouTube Has Miffed Its Users With Tweaked In-Feed Autoplay Feature

Being the biggest streaming platform in the world YouTube certainly has made its users' streaming experience easy in uncountable ways but with a new autoplay feature, users do not seem quite as happy.

Before we move on to what YouTube has done let’s learn a little about what this AutoPlay feature does. The AutoPlay feature on YouTube makes the streaming experience on YouTube very smooth and easier. Because, when you have this feature enabled, YouTube automatically plays the next video on the feed after one video. This video is always related to what you would be watching already.

For example, if you are listening to music, and AutoPlay is on, YouTube will automatically play the next music video that was showing on the feed in a very smooth manner. But keep in mind if you are a user and are 18 or over, only then you will be given the choice to either turn and keep it enabled or turn it off because for the users aged 13-17,  AutoPlay on YouTube is by default turned off.

One of the best advantages is that you can have different settings of the same YouTube account on different devices. You can have it turned on, on your mobile phone but can turn it off when watching something on your computer simultaneously.

But it seems like YouTube has found a way to annoy the very dear users of it and have them sour over this newly modified feature. If you have AutoPlay turned on your devices, be prepared to get annoyed by “in-feed playback” in near future.

According to the AndroidPolice whenever the video starts to AutoPlay the background feed immediately darkens, and a variety of options start to unfold on the screen. YouTube introduces different options for muting, closing captions, skipping the video currently playing, and the option to save the playing video to your default watch later playlist.

In addition, YouTube is also giving the users the freedom to manage the playback and switch to different toggles via a standard context menu that has ⋮ the button. If you tap on this button on the video, you will be viewed with a complete interface.

So if you are one of those people who still have not had the feed AutoPlay feature turned off, then I think it is time to get prepared to get frustrated on each playback, each time a new video is played because you still have the Auto Play option enabled and each time feed background going black and you are being viewed by several options asking you about what you want to do with this recently played video. Chances are that you end up fast-forwarding the video when trying to avail any of the options popping up.

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