Snapchat rolls out on Outfit Sharing Feature with Friends

Snapchat is soon going to launch a Bitmoji sharing feature that enables users to showcase their wardrobe.

According to recent statistics, Snapchat daily active users have reached up to more than 319 million users. Snapchat entertains us greatly as we can share every small detail of our day with our friends, and we can also chat with them just like we do on WhatsApp and Messenger. The app makes users look beautiful without makeup by using trendy filters, even if you've just woken up with a puffy face. Filters have always been the main attraction for this app and with its ever-changing trends, it remains one of the best and most popular face filter apps out there.

Coming back to the point, have you ever thought of a Bitmoji sharing option on Snap? Well, now they have included a fascinating outfit sharing feature for your digital avatar. In that way,we can always change our avatar's outfits to share with our friends. Bitmoji portrays the faces of users to look funny in stunning avatars by dressing them up in a stylish way and by showing their different gestures and expressions. Snapchat is also adding another cool feature that users are anticipating for some time regarding avatars.

Now, we can share our personal avatar’s dress with our friends and experience innovative ideas related to different outfits and their brand names. There's the option of sharing the brand name of your avatar's clothes as well which is a nice little touch to the features of this update. This is such a fun feature that will add to the entertainment and overall enjoyment of the app. The whole concept sparks joy and I really think that this is a cool update.

But anyway, Snapchat makes it even more interesting in a way that we can share our avatars on other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook. This digital avatar-building feature is becoming more and more popular in all kinds of apps. I'm glad to see it bringing its charm to Snapchat as well.

To sum up, Snapchat with Bitmoji has proven to be a great source of fun and entertainment for its users. The joy of sending and sharing your wardrobe in the shape of a digital avatar is a great feature that they've added to the app and that we users can appreciate.

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