The fully operational Metaverse is still a few years away, says Mark Zuckerberg

Meta's CEO recently talked about the time when we can have a fully operating metaverse.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta Platforms including Facebook, in his recent interview, said that he is still uncertain as to when actually people are going to see the fully operating Facebook's Metaverse version.

Talking about the 3D virtual world by Facebook, that uses AR and VR devices and blockchain, in South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival 2022 in Texas, the CEO said that “We are just a few years off”. Along with that, he explained that people are going to have amazing experiences, similar to what they had with Ray-Ban, in which the company almost stuffed every technology they could into a pair of specs. “But in some years, people will witness the very first thing that actually does Augmented Reality (AR) but appearance-wise it would be a normal pair of specs.

Mark Zuckerberg, at that point, said that “it won’t be perfect”. At that time, many other products and features will be introduced as well, such as new versions of the Oculus Quest VR headsets. He compared this VR headset to the first iPhone with reference to its impacts. In addition to that, he said that it is also necessary to keep introducing new stuff within several years.

Earlier, the CEO informed that after probably 10 years, Meta platforms will be able to completely recognize its 3D digital environment’s ambitions. Last year, the Reality Lab division of the company, handling metaverse missions, lost $10 billion, and along with that, there are many other challenges they have to face before the success of metaverse.

The VR headset requires good features and appearance in order to be successful, as addressed by Zuckerberg. “For the upcoming decade, it’s going to be an exciting challenge as minimizing good things is very much hard”, he added.

Mark Zuckerberg also for the first time publicly commented on the Russian-Ukrainian war, stating it as a “highly upsetting” event.

When asked about the idea of changing the company’s name, the CEO accepted it was somewhat due to “external affairs” or revealing publically that the company has to offer something very different than its usual, very famous, and highly successful social networking platforms. Part of it was also about talking to his workers.

According to him, external communications are to rally individuals within the boundaries of the company. It involves more than telling people in a meeting that you’re putting this much resources in this area to make this thing.

Furthermore, the relaunch was in order to make a mark on what according to Mark Zuckerberg is “the next phase” of the internet.

“Meta’s vision is mostly about making a successful mark, achieving victory, and thrusting our future strategies,” said Zuckerberg. “In my experience, the future is likely to come earlier than expected when you actually bet on it”.

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