YouTube Adds A New Feature "Search With Chips" For Its Users To Have A Better Content Discovery Experience On The Platform

YouTube is the world's largest digital content sharing service with millions of audiences gathered at one platform. On this platform, we have two types of audience: one, those who create the content, and second, those who watch the content ultimately helping the creators make money and fame out of their views. From watching the newly released music video by your favorite artist to searching for what you should make for dinner everything is available on YouTube, and only one search away!

But with this newly launched feature of YouTube, it seems like things have been made easier for the users. YouTube Premium tested a new feature 'search with chips' on the home page. With this feature, once you type your keyword or the topic of your search, YouTube will provide you with specified word chips so that you get the right video you are looking for in a lesser duration of time. Upon one click on-chip on the search result page, YouTube provides you with more specified keywords as if it has already guessed what you might be looking for, kind of creepy! No. Then you are shown more specified videos and ultimately you reach the right videos that would be most helpful and closest to what you were searching for, or chances are that you might end up finding the video that you were looking for.

Now let me explain this with an example, let's suppose you are searching for “rice recipe for dinner”, on the search bar. You will come across the small chip like boxes just below the search bar showing many options, that could be “biryani”, “pulao”, “boiled”, “steamed” etc. and let’s say you went with the option “biryani”, now you might see chip options like “Sindhi”, “Balochi”, “Anarkali”, “vegetable” etc. and if you go with “Sindhi” now you would be either viewed the chips with the most famous chef’ names or the chips with the most famous channel names or the channel with the most viewed video on this topic. In this way, one-click after another YouTube would keep directing you towards the more refined content, the video that is the best for you, the video that is the most helpful and timesaving for you!

One of the many advantages of this feature is that with one click on the chip search you are exposed to a wide variety of videos in that specific genre/category, you get more exposure to different types of videos assisting you in making your ideas bigger. You sometimes end up with more information and ideas you weren’t even thinking about all this time. Which is simply amazing.

This feature is now exclusively available for YouTube’s Premium users only till the 14th of April, after that it shall be available for all the basic users.

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