YouTube continues to broaden its horizons by testing new engaging live tools

YouTube has never ceased to amaze its users and is still searching for new ways to keep its users entertained, this may be the cause of the fact that YouTube is the 2nd most visited search engine, just after Google. To maintain the user's interest, YouTube has recently announced some new updates for the YouTube live feature. These features include better viewing options and also provides the users with an ability to invite guests in their live streams.

The live stream option of YouTube which allows the user to invite a guest, is most probably similar to the live stream options of other apps. According to Creator Insider, they are planning to release a trial update under the name of “Go live together” feature. With this update, the user will be given the advantage of inviting a guest even before going live just by sending a specific link to the guest. But the information of the guest channel will remain concealed. In regards to the reasons that live streams are an interactive event planned by the host, it can sometimes become quite intimidating thus by inviting a guest, the host may feel less burden on his shoulders. This was a highly requested feature and to meet the user’s demands, YouTube has finally announced to test this update.

Another feature that YouTube has promised to offer is the live rings which are typically an indicator telling the users if a channel is streaming live, yet again this feature is exactly similar to the live rings seen in TikTok and Instagram. The users have observed that YouTube is taking its cue from the famous app TikTok. At first YouTube introduced shorts, a feature that allows the user to watch short videos was without a doubt an inspiration from TikTok and now by introducing live rings YouTube is somehow confirming the assertions of its users.

Another update that has been claimed to be offered by YouTube is the cross channel live redirects. It was an uprising issue for many content creators that they were not able to redirect their audience to another premier or livestream of a different channel. But with this valuable update, the content creators will be able to redirect their respective audience to some other premier and livestreams on different channels. As a consequence of this feature, the promotional partnerships will be enhanced immensely.
One more update that YouTube is going to launch in a few months is the feature of live question and answers, where the viewers will be given the opportunity to put forward their queries in a live stream.

YouTube is becoming a great platform for the users to connect, due to its excellent community help forum and product managers. And by introducing these features YouTube will surely pick up its pace. And if it becomes persistent in introducing such amazing updates, YouTube will without any doubt become the most successful app within a short course of time.

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