Is the highly cherished social network TikTok at the end of it’s rope?

TikTok is estimated to face great downfall in the upcoming year 2023, due to a decrease in the average time spent on the app by the users.

The well known app TikTok was launched by China and is commonly referred as Douyin in it’s home place. During the hard times of COVID-19 TikTok had virtually gained popularity worldwide and has been of a great assistance by keeping the people engaged in watching and making variety of different content including lip sync videos, dance, pranks, life hacks, stunts and much more, that too in short clips of duration of 15 seconds till up to 3 minutes. This app was initially launched in the Chinese market in September 2016 but only gained popularity during the crucial times of COVID-19.

According to the statistics, TikTok has been downloaded around 2 billion times worldwide. The TikTok app proved to be a competitor of world famous app Facebook and Instagram when study revealed that TikTok was ranked 7th position on the most downloaded apps of 2010s. But regardless of being such a well known application, it has been a victim of multiple controversies especially in Pakistan and India, which resulted in banning of this application. Not only in these countries but also President Trump put a ban on TikTok which was later lifted. Despite the ban, TikTok has proved to be one of the fastest growing apps which started with 63 million annual revenue in 2017 which was later increased to 4.6 billion annual profits in the year of 2021, which displayed a 142% increase in the annual profit yearly.

But by 2022, some studies have revealed that TikTok may face a great amount of loss of its users, including from eMarketer.

In my opinion it is because the content available on TikTok is now being continuously repeated due to the lack of creative content creators. The trends and the challenges are not being renewed, but instead they are being recreated. Other than this reason, many countries like Bangladesh, India or Pakistan have been quite concerned because the content available on TikTok is against their moral values. Moreover TikTok is considered to have a bad impact on the children as their brains are still developing and the overuse of TikTok can result in deduction in the attention span. It can also be one of the leading causes that TikTok is losing its users. In addition to these factors the most rational reason could be the main theme of numerous challenges or trends. Let’s say, for example, a viral trend that gained popularity on TikTok named “devious licks” or also known as “diabolical licks” is a trend that spread quickly amongst the high school as well as the middle school students. For this trend the students steal or show off by recording some stolen school item, and therefore for this act many students have been arrested across the United States, Canada, Australia etc. Not only this, but there are many inestimable reasons that people are now avoiding the use of TikTok. Hence it is highly possible that in the upcoming years, TikTok will receive a severe cutback.
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