Will Microsoft’s Next Windows 11 Update Be a Repeat of Past Mistakes?

Windows 11 has been a continuation of Microsoft’s attempts to return itself to the glory days when Windows operating systems were not just popular but also well received, and many of the features contained within this new operating system have been viewed very positive by the people that have updated to it so far. It turns out that Microsoft is about to launch a brand new major update to the operating system which it is referring to as Sun Valley 2 (SV2).

Microsoft has been using SV2 as an internal codename for the operating system for quite some time now, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that many users spotted it being used on Microsoft’s feedback page which more or less confirms that this will be its official name as well. A lot of the new features that this update is supposed to bring into the Windows 11 system will be predictive in that they will try to suggest subsequent steps to you based on what you are currently doing, as reported by Thewincentral.

The suggested actions feature will do things like suggest that it makes a booking on a date that you have highlighted among other things, and the main purpose of this is to ensure that you can get the smoothest working experience that is currently possible for you. However, if you are getting a sense of Déjà vu, you are not alone because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up being a bit of a repeat of previous Microsoft properties that tried to suggest actions and steps.

Most people remember Clippy from the days of Office 97, and the people that can recall this anthropomorphic paper clip that was supposed to help make things easier for you would not remember it all that fondly. Microsoft didn’t try to incorporate step suggestions again for a couple decades, but this next update indicates that the company still sees some value in such a feature even though it didn’t go so well the last time around.

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