Microsoft puts new watermark if a device does not support Windows 11 but still runs it

Microsoft Windows is probably the biggest Operating system in use for desktops and laptops. It is used throughout the world in homes and offices, schools and colleges. The Windows 10 is currently the most used one and now the 11th version has also made its debut.

As some things are not meant to be, the Windows 11 only runs on a few specific devices that have the ability to support the update and run it smoothly without any glitches or ups and downs. Even though it runs on only approved devices, some users have found ways to download the update into their devices; but there is a catch.

Recently Microsoft gave a preview of how the windows’ new update is supposed to run and what are the new features that make it stand out from its predecessors; In that preview they revealed a new watermark. Previously if a person has a device where the windows are not activated, on the bottom left right of the screen just above the taskbar they would see a watermark saying that windows is not activated, and they need to activate it from settings.

This new watermark is kind of similar as it would retain the same position as the last one, but it will say that the device does not support this update and that they need to remove it or go back to the last one.

This requirement was put in place because the devices that are not able to support the newest windows but still run it have a larger chance of crashing and potentially damaging the device. The update does not run on devices which have a larger blue screen than most with a difference of at least 52%. It also should be noted that these devices did not meet the minimum requirements which could lead to the device being damaged beyond repair.

There have been ways found to remove the watermark by using hacks to get into the settings, but they also come with threats to the device of not working properly.

H/T: @XenoPanther

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