Google’s New Search Update Aimed At Enhancing Product Reviews

Google is providing an overview of how it intends on enhancing the quality of the product reviews that are displayed within search results.

The giant tech company announced how they’ve been working hard over the past year to enhance the product reviews shown in their search results. And that’s when they added how their initial updates were created to make sure all of the reviews came from experts equipped with sound knowledge and a first-hand research approach regarding the products.

Therefore, the latest update manages to tackle just that, ensuring product reviews in their ‘Search’ fulfill the criteria specified.

Google also announced how it planned on giving its searchers outstanding review insights by putting product reviews in focus that included the following:

Helpful and intricate details such as the advantages and disadvantages of particular items, detailed specifics on a particular product’s performance, or perhaps how one product is different from its previous version.

Product reviews that are coming from users that have actually had first-hand experience with the item and hence can reveal its physical appearance or way of functioning.

An array of unique information specifics from the product’s manufacturer such as details regarding display, video, or any links similar to the user’s experience.

A summary of how the product in question is different or perhaps compares against another rival product in the market.

These guidelines are a positive step for reviews that anyone would want, including those who wish to call upon leading brand advocates to promote their business with thoughtful insight.

Obviously, brands may have limited control when it comes down to product reviews but customers are always on the search for testimonials that give them a little more reassurance about a certain product. And that is exactly what Google hopes to target with their approach.

Experts believe that although brands cannot dictate what consumers say regarding a certain product, they can however facilitate in the areas of guidance and feedback while working on their own review-based promotions.

Those in search of a little extra guidance can resort to Google’s ‘How to Write Quality Reviews’ which is a comprehensive overview published by the company in line with what it hopes to showcase in the products.

This can assist in the marketing efforts of so many brands that wish to delve into a broader approach when it comes to impeccable user experience.

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