Twitter transparency report sheds lights on global government information requests

Twitter reveals the information access requested by countries around the world, disclosing factual data violating the regulations by the users’ accounts.

Twitter is a big advocate of open internet, while granting freedom of expressing views and opinions and a right to privacy through its platform, its latest transparency report says that the tweeting platform is experiencing pressure from government officials to erase and intervene in content being published on Twitter.

Regulatory authorities seek for user accounts data that might be needed in legal proceedings. Twitter received 57 percent of total government suspension account requests and the U.S. issued 24% of the data requests which is the highest percentage among all the countries. Apart from this, Twitter got the maximum third-party requests for data retrieval. In comparison with the U.S., Japan demanded the most data of users from Twitter, followed by Brazil and then America. Statistics show 89% of all data requests are from civil authorities.

Notably, 95% of the government officials’ demands for content material exclusion had been generated from the top 5 nations starting from Japan, Russia, Turkey, India, and South Korea.

Twitter legally removed 4.7 million Tweets that violated its community guidelines.

Moreover, Twitter’s rule enforcement was much more feasible.The vast majority of Twitter’s tweet takedown moderation actions (68%) occurred earlier than violating posts might obtain 100 impressions so far.

Beside these efforts, rightly or wrongly, the impression is that Twitter is not doing enough efforts to identify and remove state-sponsored disinformation bots, and nothing in this transparency report directly mentions the actions taken against these specific types of accounts.

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