New Study Shows Decreased Demand for VPNs As Prices Increase

As world governments start attempting to clamp down on the parts of the internet that their citizens can access and malicious actors increase their attacks on the security of average people online, quite a few individuals have started looking into VPNs because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up protecting them from such things. This has resulted in a bit of a boom for the VPN industry, but could that boom now be over?

A new study conducted by Windows Report has revealed a strong correlation between VPN prices and the number of people that end up showing interest in them. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that as VPN prices increase, their usage has started to decrease somewhat. 40% of respondents to the survey that was conducted said that they used VPNs across all of the devices that they had in their possession, but this could change if they become prohibitively expensive.

This survey involved 748 respondents who were located in 76 different countries. 16% of these respondents used Chrome OS, and one thing to note is that users that wanted a browser with a built in VPN often looked to Opera as their browser of choice. However, Windows also has a built in VPN, and it turns out that around a quarter of users tend to use this for their daily online protection needs as well with all things having been considered and taken into account.

23% of respondents said that the price of a VPN was the most important factor for them to consider when they are picking one out for themselves. This seems to indicate that they might start showing a preference for built in VPNs that are provided by Windows and Opera since these features often come part and parcel with the whole package instead of being one more thing that you are going to need to start paying for in a timely enough manner. However 15% of respondents said that online reviews were more important for them.

For these users, the quality of a VPN might be a much more essential consideration than the kind of money they’d need to pay in order to be able to use it. Hence, if the new VPN that Windows 11 has to offer does not measure up to their expectations, they might start returning to the more expensive paid VPNs that they had previously been taking advantage of, so it will be rather interesting to see where things go from here on out.

Now, 27% of respondents that don’t own a VPN said that they just can’t afford one, and these users might be the first to opt for the more affordable varieties that are currently being built into the Windows operating system. That potentially gives Microsoft a pretty vast market, one that no other major tech company has been able to dominate as of right now with Nord and Express VPN being the major players in that industry. This might shift the paradigm of the VPN industry and consolidate the power of big tech corporations even more.
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