Twitter works to improve the option to post videos in 1080p and Spaces would shortly feature statistics too

Twitter Spaces is quickly emerging as the go-to spot for online meetings. Individuals are creating spaces for specific topics with individuals participating in a meeting.

Twitter continued to improve the spaces tool by adding fresh options such as Recording Space meetings and Ticketed Spaces. In addition, Twitter's Android application now includes a distinct area for spaces.

Alessandro Paluzzi, an application analyst, counter engineered the Twitter application. He discovered that the company is building a Spaces Statistics feature. He shared his discovery in a tweet including a snapshot to prove his claim.

The snapshot displays an area labeled "Space Analytics." He also added that this area can only be accessed by the Host or Co-host of a Space meeting.

Hosts would finally be capable of viewing the number of listeners who came live and the number of times meetings got repeated in the data for taped Spaces meetings. This will give the Spaces insights more clarity & allow to set the approach effectively by providing more information to the users.

Another discovery by Paluzzi points out the improvement in the video uploading quality by the site. When studying Twitter's video material policies and restrictions, one can see why a growing number of users are wondering why quality deteriorates after it is posted on Twitter. Just like most internet sites, Twitter uses high video reduction settings and squeezes the video while it's being uploaded.

But now, this issue is being resolved by Twitter. After the improvement in the quality of uploaded images to 4k, the microblogging platform is now working on video upload quality. Recently, it was said in a Twitter post that video quality will improve to be less blurry.

Finally, this feature has been rolled out that allows high-quality videos to be uploaded on the site. This can be done through settings through the same phenomenon as for images.

In the application’s settings, under the data usage bar, users can choose to upload 1080p videos over either Wi-Fi, mobile data, or even both.

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