Microsoft Windows 11 is struggling to defeat its predecessor OS versions

Microsoft Windows is one of the most used operating software in the world with Linux and iOS following close behind. The thing that makes it distinct from others is that Windows is user-friendly thus is used mostly by gamers and for workplace and home uses.

Windows has been constantly rolling out updates and the new Windows 11 came out just last year, while many expected it to quickly take the place of Windows 10 it couldn’t do that as the majority are still using the earlier one. A new update was also released last year in May which is the version that many are using, however some are also still using the 21H2 version. The first one has a percentage of about 27.5 % while the second only has 21% in total.

As the latest operating system is yet to be completely released the market value of it is only 19.3 percent and it is beaten by the older one which is the Windows 10, as reported by AdDuplex. However, there is some good news for the company as only 2.4 percent of people use the 2018 or under update of Windows 10 as they have updated to either the newer versions of the Windows 10 or have updated to Windows 11 so the market share or value of the older and unsupported versions has dropped.

The company plans to complete the release of its latest version by the summer of this year, and it aims to make the update available for all devices in the same period of time but there are some restrictions as to what devices can update to the newest version such as some specific processors and TPM 2.0 are required for the update. The company said that the newest Windows are in their final phase of availability and soon will be released to the general public because Microsoft has seen that people are more readily updating to the 11th version than they did to the 10th. This prompted the speeding up of the project so that it can reach the people who have been waiting eagerly for it.

To sum it all up, Windows 11 is going to be released this summer, it is being taken in a much better light than the last one and not all devices will be able to upgrade to the newest version.

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