Instagram rolled out an automatic captions update for Feed videos

Instagram announced that auto-generated captions would be available on feed videos. Currently, they are available in 17 languages. This will allow users who are disabled to watch any of the videos by just reading the captions.

There are more than 84 million deaf people in the United States and millions more across the world. They have no choice left to watch any video with the sounds on. For them, Instagram has launched this amazing feature so that no one is left behind. Everyone can entertain by reading the captions displayed at the bottom of the video.

To turn on this feature firstly you have to upload your video and press the Next option on the top of your Instagram interface and then add a description and click on the auto-generated caption. This will automatically caption your IG video. The app will translate the language and show readable captions on the viewer’s screen. The fact is, there are so many people who are watching the reels with the sound off. Some people might don’t like your voice or they may be bothered with sound pitch or something else so they can watch your reels by reading the captions. Likewise, if someone is at a place where sound or voice can not be heard then this feature will help in engaging the person by displaying auto-generated captions in English, Spanish, or any other language.

Simply, by adding captions automatically to the videos where you are speaking to the camera, the captions are added to it. Your post engagement will also expand and everyone can understand the content.

Let’s enjoy this update to see the amazing results.

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