The Start Of 2022 Saw Many Major News Sites See Increase in Viewership

The state of global affairs has made a lot of people want to stay up to date on the news because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing them to better understand what is going on all around them. Consumers have consistently changed their preferred way of getting their news, with some preferring to rely on social media and others going for more traditional routes like cable news channels.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that some of the biggest news sites in the world saw their monthly site visits increase by small yet significant amounts. These increases might not mitigate the damage that was done by their massive year on year drops in site visits, but they do indicate that consumer preference is starting to shift ever so slightly in their favor. The biggest news site in the world remains and These sites got a combined 1.2 billion monthly visits, which is a 2% increase from the previous month although it still represents an 18% year on year decline.

Out of the top ten most visited news sites online, only the one belonging to Fox News saw a month on month decrease in January of 2022. Fox News saw its monthly visits decrease by around one percent, which further contributed to their 26% yearly decline. Three other sites in the top ten, namely,, and did not see any change at all in their monthly visits.

Apart from BBC, three other major news sites in the top ten saw modest growth in terms of monthly visits. These three sites are the ones belonging to CNN, the Daily Mail, the New York Times and the Guardian.

However, it should also be noted that CNN has seen its monthly visits plummet by 44% since last year, and the 2% bump it saw in January won’t do much to make up for that. The US was going through on of its most dramatic news cycles in history in January of 2021, and unless another major incident occurs it seems unlikely that sites like CNN would be able to climb back to the numbers seen during that period.

Out of the fifty sites whose monthly visits were tallied by Press Gazette, only 5 had seen increased monthly visits year on year. Three of these sites, namely, and are Indian sites which indicates that increased news consumption among people living in India could be changing the dynamics of news media online, although is notorious for being a source of propaganda and misinformation so this trend can also be seen as somewhat concerning.

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